Saturday, April 28, 2007

Punjab Govt to Engage Private PR Professionals

The Punjab Government would formulate a policy to provide recognition to the PR Companies and private PR  practitioners  to insure their involvement in ongoing government’s PR activities, under Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
 Mr. Jagjit Puri, Secretary, Information and Public Relations, Punjab disclosed this while presiding over a seminar on Achieving Excellence in PR through IT Intervention organized by Public Relations Society of India, (PRSI) Chandigarh Chapter.  
In his presidential address Mr. Puri advised PRSI to  compile a directory with details of PR Companies working in India and  abroad  to help the PR Department to  use their services for media management in in other states or abroad.
Talking about long emotional attachment with PR, Mr. Puri recollected his memoirs when he was a University student and started his carrier as an Assistant Public Relations Man in some Private Company. He said that today the Information technology had totally changed the face of the world, all the borders and barriers had been eliminated and flow of information became very easy through internet networking. Mr. Puri urged PR practitioners to continuously upgrade their technological skills for collective interface with the media to reach out to the grassroots level. Mr. Puri also underlined various PR challenges faced by the state government for effective flow of communication. 
Col Rajesh Dua, General Manager, IT, Punjab Infotech in his key note address touched upon 4 step PR Process of Research, Planning~ Communicating and Evaluating. He gave detailed account of current technologies and their applications for strategic information systems. He said that managing a local problem, partnership between general, IT and users management is crucial and e-governance is not about transporting processes, but transforming processes. 
 Earlier in her welcome address, Ms. Renuka B. Salwan, Chairperson of the Chandigarh Chapter said that technological changes have a significant impact on communication and PR professionals have to adopt it fully. PR is an information related discipline and information data banks help in PR planning and strategies. On the occasion, she also announced to annually organize Dilgir Memorial lecture every year on his birthday falling in August.
Mr Charanjit Singh, Managing Director, Core PR stated that for achieving professional excellence, it is imperative to be competitive, ethical and truthful. For effective and efficient  management of PR campaigns   PR practitioners should  learn to use the entire range of communication tools available with them whether traditional or the modern ones like webcasting, blogging, podcasting, etc.

PRSI Chandigarh Chapter honours Vivek Atray with Award of Excellence

Chandigarh Chapter of Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) has selected Mr. Vivek Atray for the PRSI Award of Excellence for his contribution to the Public Relations.
The award was presented at the seminar held on "Achieving Excellence in PR through IT intervention" as a part of National PR Day celebrations here today at the Chandigarh Press Club.


Mr. Atray had been instrumental in professionalising the public relations in the UT administration and has immensely contributed to enhancing the image of the city and promoting it as a tourism destination through extensive use of effective communication techniques.



Friday, April 20, 2007

April 21 is the National PR Day

Heartiest greetings to the PR fraternity on the National PR Day.
On 21st of April 1968, the PRSI organised the first All India Public Relations Conference in New Delhi, and adopted the Code of Athens (adopted by the International Public Relations Association as the code of ethics for the PR practitioners), for the PR practitioners in India.
All those who wish to read the Code of Ethics and the Global Protocol on Ethics in Public Relations, can download from the PRSI Chandigarh Chapter website.
As we observe this year, let us remind ourselves, that this day, the 21st April, is the annual reminder to update ourselves and at least read and understand the code of ethics enumerated for the PR practitioners, and adopt them in our lives to practice it truthfully.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Big 92.7 FM is Number One

Chandigarh media scene is alive and throbbing, especially with the launch of two private radio stations, Big 92.7FM and MyFM 94.3, owned by Adlabs and Dainik Bhaskar respectively. The city had earlier had only one local channel of AIR, and last year saw the transmission of AIR Rainbow from Delhi through Kasauli transmission, adding zest to the radio buffs. Even the local AIR station had seen the advent of many private software producers for which the trend was set by RadioBuzz in November 2002, that provided some zing to the programmes.

And Chandigarh appears to be on the radar of everyone including the market research organisations which thought of moving out of the metro-oriented listenership surveys and explore the Tier-II cities. In March-April 2007, Mumbai based Indica Research Consumer Insights, which has numerous listernship surveys to its credit, conducted the research in Chandigarh across the age groups of 15-34 yrs ( male & female), households belonging to SEC A/B/C.
Obviously both the private radio channels, BigFM and MyFM scored a lead over the All India Radio Rainbow. And amongst these three, Big92.7FM has emerged as leader with 82 percent overall listenership.
Music being a key differentiator, BIG 92.7 FM’s music positioning has received the endorsement of Chandigarh with 81% of Chandigarh voting it the best on Music.. My FM has also received thumbs up for their music by 64% of Chandigarh, both scoring above AIR Rainbow in the parameter of most enjoyable stations to listen to with 77% and 69% votes respectively, which AIR scored 18 percent.
As to the popularity of the RJs amongst city listeners, for their distinct lingual flavour and persona, Pankaj, Meenakshi, Nidhi of BIG FM have scored the maximum votes to be the top 3 RJs of the City. MyFM’s RJ Khushi ranks 7th amongst the top 10s, while other being from BigFM.
CJ Singh . CorePR

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Photo Exhibition

Our friend from Public Relations Haryana, who has made a mark as a photographer with numerous awards to his credit, is putting up the exhibition of his latest collection at Panjab Kala Bhavan, Sector 16, Chandigarh. The Exhibition opens tomorrow, i.e. 19th April at 5:15pm. Let us join him and compliment him in person. CJ

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Budget Your PR efforts

April is the month for the PR people to review the results of their efforts of the past and plan for the future. One of the essential component is to consolidate the report for your organisation or each of your clients with the results achieved through various PR initiatives last year. And get ready for the presentation on what you want to accomplish in the coming 12 months.
This exercise is of tremendous help, and has several advantages. One, it makes you proactive; two, it helps the top management understand the need for professional PR support in all its operations; three, it provides you with the opportunity to plan your activities and get approvals for the budgets.
However, do incorporate the proposed timelines, and measurement parameters of your success.
Best of luck in this year of pig, which, in the Chinese culture, is associated with fertility and virility, and bearing children in the year of the pig is considered very fortunate, as they will be happy and honest.
So it is a happy time for PR people to show their 'fertility and virility' in culling out newer ideas and launch newer campaigns (your children), which should bring happiness for all stake-holders, provided they are 'honest'...based on ethical professional values.
Happy April :)
CJ, CorePR