Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Corporate Image Monitor

There is another interesting study on corporate image of top 20 Indian companies, a study conducted periodically by AC Nielson ORG-MARG.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Chandigarh is the Cleanest City

Chandigarh has been declared as the cleanest city in India, by a survey conducted by A.C. Nielsen ORG MARG, covering 18 state capitals, including the metros, on the basis of the opinion of citizens on cleanliness in their cities.
Chandigarh city emerged the best city with a score of 144, followed by Chennai with a score of 118 and Kolkata, with a score of 108. Others in that order are Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Lucknow, and Trivandrum. Delhi ranked 9th with a score of (99), which is below the all-city average of 100.
The city cleanliness survey was commissioned by Lifebuoy.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

PR Events

On 2-3 August 2007:
Marcus Evans, Malaysia is organising a seminar on corporate communication at Mumbai. (There is special discount for PRSI members). Further details can be obtained from Mr. VAvinesh Nadarajan, Phone: +603 27236600, avineshn@marcousevanskl.com.

13-15 December 2007:
29th All India PR Conference is being held in Chennai, India. Further information can be obtained from Mr. R.K.Dharan, PRSI Vice President South, rkdharan@yahoo.com

Sunday, May 06, 2007

PR at a cross-road!

Last week, while conducting a training programme for the senior officers of the PR department of a state Government, I came across some interesting queries as we discussed the subject of ethical practices in PR :

One, "what would you say since most of the news and the special sections for the state government's news that the media provides in their editorial columns is squarely dependent upon the government's advertising released to them? The state government has massive advertising budget running into crores that is dangled before the newspapers to receive 'positive' coverage. Isn't it 'news for money' policy?"

Two, "media relationship is a 'hate-hate' relationship. They abuse the government PR department and we also do not give a damn to them since we know that they would report what we want so long as the ads are released to them."

Three, "are the editors of the newspapers truly the journalists or the marketing men?" The last question cropped in contest with the recent cash prize of Rs.25,000 given to the editor of a vernacular daily by its management for bringing in more advertising revenue to the newspaper in the previous year.

Valid questions. Need to be mulled over.

CJ Singh