Monday, February 04, 2008

Opening for Corporate Head PR

A leading IT company in Chandigarh requires Corporate Head PR.

MBA or Equivalent qualification in Mass Communications or Public
Relations with 4-6 years of relevant work experience.

The candidate will be required to liaise with the media (Print, TV, Radio and Online) on a regular basis. Other KRA's will include:

• Media Research, Writing articles, Preparation of newsletters, Distributing press releases to the targeted media
• Preparation and editing of marketing materials and collaterals
• Co-ordination of PR activities at an all India as well as international basis, mainly the US

Knowledge of new age media like Blogs, internet media etc. will be a key requirement

In brief, the candidate will be responsible for complete ownership of the Brand building exercise including collateral, PR and other customer acquisition techniques.

A candidate with extensive networking with the media and excellent written and communication skills will be preferred. He/ She must also possess a good knowledge of computers.

Key Skills: PR, Public Relations, Liaison with Media, Blogs, Online Marketing, Media Research,

Qualifications: MBA/ Mass Comm with minimum of 4-6 years work exp. Age below 35 years.

Please send resume to

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Corporate Ethics: Infosys shows the way

Many would have missed the newsitem in several newspapers last week about Infosys fining its Executive Directors for violating company's code of conduct. He was fined for failing to notify the company in time that he sold 10,000 company shares the week before. Infosys' insider trading rules state that directors and officers may buy or sell company shares only after prior notification to the company. Further, notification must also be given within one working day following the execution of such transactions.

Looking at all the news reports it is clear that the news is based on Infosys's release where it is making a clear acknowledgment of the lapse, identifies the senior director by name, and specifies the 'misconduct'. Great example of conformance to good corporate conduct, and proactive acknowledgment.

The penalty of Rs.5 lakh imposed on the director, again, shows the corporate vision...the penalty does not go to the corporate coffers but to a charity.

In today's world of cut-throat competition and race to save the corporate face and image from public glare, here is a company which continues to, and infact, enhances its corporate image in the public eye, by sharing an otherwise damaging news. Kudos to Infosys management for following the fundamentals of public relations...there is no substitute for truth....and it pays to be truthful and honest.