Friday, February 27, 2009

PR Lions - Jury President's Message

I am reproducing here the message of Lord Tim Bell, President of the Jury for PR Lions 2009 for the PR fraternity

"This is the first time the Cannes Lions Festival has acknowledged the existence of Public Relations as part of the communications and marketing mix and decided to award Lions for outstanding work in this field. It is long overdue and I’m flattered and privileged to be the first President of the jury.  
In 1961, before most of you were born, I joined CPV, the first British-owned international advertising agency and its sister Public Relations company, Voice and Vision. I guess I learned how advertising and Public Relations were allied trades at that time and yet PR was considered inferior to advertising. Today, nearly fifty years later, the client community and the industry have finally recognised that they are both essential parts of the marketing business.  Moreover, creativity and imagination, as well as skill, are vital to both.  
I hope the first PR Lions will be a success and inspire better work, and recognise that all communications can change the way we live and the way we think; down to the mundane things like what we buy, what we wear, what we enjoy and most of all, the way we regard things, people, companies, countries and of course brands. I hope the winners will be proud and well-celebrated. I’ll do my best and I’m sure the jury will as well. But most of all, I hope it is all a very happy event."

Cannes 2009 to have PR campaign category

PR Lions would be the award that the PR fraternity can now vie for at the Cannes Lions 2009 scheduled for June 22, 2009. 
The PR agencies can submit entries for Sector Related PR, Product and Service, and Techniques, which will have Lord Tim Bell, chairman of Chime Communications, to chair the inaugural PR Lions Jury. 
Great news for PR fraternity for finding a space in the Cannes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public Relations Voice: New Issue released

Dear Members,

The October - December, 2008 & January - March, 2009 combined issue (Volume 12) of Public Relations Voice, (the only journal for Indian PR professionals) by Dr C V Narasimha Reddi, focusing on "history of Indian public relations" is now circulated.

'Which is the birthplace of public relations in the world?' questions Dr Reddy in his editorial. The lead story is on "the unseen power - a history of Indian public relations" travels from Indus valley civilization to globalisation.


Other important articles are -

(1) "PR's growth in India" by Dr Doug Newsom, US professor
(2) "My profession - my experience" by BD Sharma, CK Sardana & Charanjit Singh

(3) "Taglines that influence the people"

Also, find a report on 30th All India PR conference held at Guwahati in December 2008 and News about 10th APPR conference at Hyderabad in February 2009 and many more.

For copies and subscription details write to Dr CV Narasimha Reddi, Editor, PR Voice, House of Public Relations, 8-3-978/4, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad 500 073 Fax +91 (40) 23307477, Ph +01 (40) 23745549,  Cell 9246548901 and email drcvn@hotmail. com

Subscription details
Annual - Rs.200 (one copy) for individual and Rs.500 (two copies) for institutions
2 years - Rs.350 (one copy) for individual and Rs.800 (two copies) for institutions
Life subscription - Rs.2500 (two copies) for individuals and Rs.4500 (three copies) for institutions


Babji. Y,
PR Practitioner & Teacher 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power of PR

One of the greatest challenge for PR practitioners is to prove the worth of PR to their managements, and the common refrain one encounters is that "this was never done", "do the way we want it to be done", and "what are the financial gains of PR activity".
The PR practice being a management function, its practitioners must learn to communicate with these internal stakeholders in the language they understand, presenting them with the facts and figures that they cannot deny.  The methodology is simple - just adapt the statistical analysis, time lines, and PERT charges and all other tools that the managements are familiar with.  Using these tools also helps the PR practitioner in streamlining the work flow and communication strategies. And in so far as the measurements or the financial benefit a company can gain through PR activities, the exercise helps in quantifying the deliverables, making them, hence, measurable. 
A long term and short term goals that the communication plan intends to achieve also helps in formulating budgetary requirements for a particular activity. The best part of PR efforts is the power of visualisation that the PR practitioner or the department can bring to the corporate actions, and breaking them down into the tactical aspects eases the operational aspects too.  
Over twenty years back when I joined a German manufacturing company, the first bottleneck was tiding over these perennial queries and 'objections' that challenged me to break these internal barriers first and show the benefits that the Power of PR can bring to an organisation.  It is also a misconception that the managements do not understand the role of PR.  The fact is that we, at times, fail to educate and inform them the need and impact which an effective communication plan can bring about.